We honour the deeply rooted culture of wine from Priorat

The ties of the Priorat with wine date back centuries. This relationship has, in recent years, experienced its sweetest moment yet. The D.O.Q. Priorat and D.O. Montsant wineries take care to maintain this link by giving the soil its voice and by producing internationally famous wines filled with personality and honouring a long-established wine tradition in this region.

At Aguiló Vinateria we firmly believe in them and this is why, twenty years ago, we started to offer a wide and representative selection of wines from Priorat. Our selection allows us to explore every detail of the region for this is a prime area for growing vines and making high quality wines.

Historical varieties: Garnatxa (Grenache) and Carinyena (Carignan)

The wines from the Priorat can be understood on the basis of Garnatxa (Grenache) and Carinyena (Carignan), or a partnership of both varieties. Although Syrah/Shiraz, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, to name a few, are also found in the blending of wines from Priorat, in most cases the prominence lies in the two traditional varieties mentioned above. The reason is simple, the varieties are better adapted to the conditions of the region, and also they are the ones that best express its identity. In fact, more and more wines are being made with 100% Garnatxa (Grenache) or 100% Carinyena (Carignan). These are wines that show varietal authenticity.

Wines with a capital “W”

Behind every great wine there is a great vineyard, a wine grower, a winemaker and a winery where they know how to take care of the vineyard and interpret it to its fullest potential. Behind every great wine there are real names, names of people that make wines with a capital “W”. Some of these names are on everyone's lips and have become classics. Others are perhaps less known, but no less interesting. At Aguilo Vinateria, our knowledge of the area allows us to offer you both types of these wines.

The voice of terroir

Different terroirs make different wines. Soil diversity (Llicorella-slate, Saldó - a particular kind of slate which is a metamorphic rock which originated as a sandy sedimentary rock-, clay, pebbles...), topography as well as micro-climates in each individual vineyard all add character and nuances to the wines, making each one unique.

Despite each D.O. or wine appellation sharing similar traits in their wines, it is also clear that within this uniformity, there are wines with special characteristics which enrich and define each Designation of Origin (D.O.) be it Montsant or Priorat in a much more global way.

Not all wines are red...

Red wines are the most common in our region. Despite this, we cannot overlook the quality of our D.O.Q. Priorat and D.O. Montsant wines. They are made principally with Garnatxa Blanca (White Grenache) and Macabeu (Viura) as well as other grape varieties such as Pansal (Xarel·lo), Pedro Ximénez or Chardonnay. These are structured, full-bodied wines which are rich in aromas. They rub shoulders with other highly regarded international white wines of the world and yet they are different and provide a pleasurable way to learn about Priorat wine country.

Organic, natural and biodynamic wines

Priorat producers have always been in favour of using practices which care for their vineyards and their wines. This is why well-known wineries boast organic farming certificates as well as certificates of natural and biodynamic methods. At Aguiló Vinateria we have good selection of this type of wines which, far from being a new tendency, are also representative of a return to our roots.

Traditional wines

The wine traditions of the Priorat cannot be understood without including sweet wines, rancis (an old wine, similar to a sherry, made using the solera method) and mistelles. Sometimes these wines are disregarded by people who are not from our region and not used to drinking them. Those of us, however who are from here, have no doubt in extolling their virtues, of which they have many.

At Aguiló Vinateria we are great fans of fortified wines, spirits, dessert wines. We love to explain how they are made and what each wine brings to the glass. We contribute to keeping this traditional form of winemaking of these wines alive so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. This is why we have made a special place for them in our wine shop.

Wines from around the world

At Aguiló Vinateria we never get tired of discovering new wines, not just from Priorat and Montsant, but also from other areas. We are passionate about wine. For this reason, we have included wines from other parts of Catalonia, Spain and from all over the world in our inventory.