Wine Store

A lifetime offering the best of Priorat

Our company is a family business. As suppliers of wines and beverages, we have spent a lifetime dedicated to the hospitality industry. The rebirth of the Priorat wine region, however, has led us to specialize in wines from the two wine appellations found in Priorat County: D.O.Q. Priorat and D.O. Montsant. Today, in our Falset store, we offer a wide and representative selection of Priorat produce. This produce has been chosen on the basis of our deep knowledge of the region and daily contact with wineries and olive mills.

This vast experience is a guarantee of quality and good customer service, all very necessary when it comes to giving advice to customers on which wine or olive oil to choose.

Aguiló Vinateria regularly hosts tastings led by winemakers and local producers aimed at offering firsthand knowledge of the excellent wines and olive oils produced in the Priorat region. It also offers permanent, free wine and olive oil tastings during business hours.

We can say that we have experienced the resurgence of the Priorat wine region firsthand and have accompanied the producers’ search for authenticity and the making of high quality wine. In fact, at Aguiló Vinateria in Falset, direct contact with the wineries is part of our day to day business. We never get tired of learning from great winemakers working in this area. This is because every wine shows us that there is always something new to discover.